Drafted my Will

I recently asked Mark to help me write my willl.  Mark went over the process very thoroughly, and helped me think through decisions I needed to made.  He gave me excellent examples of why I should think carefully about the decisions I made.  He was very clear and kind in his delivery.

I highly recommend Mark Loy.         —  Deb C.

John and JoAnne V.

In desperate need of legal help, after being told several times we had zero chance of winning, we found Mr.Loy. He sat down with us, laid out a sensible plan, and was very honest about our chances being slim, he did lots of research on similar cases and set up a great case. We won our case with much more than we expected to get! And no our case wasn’t about money, it was much more precious than anything money could buy! Thank you Mark from the bottom of our hearts! John and JoAnne V.

Went above and beyond

“Attorney Mark Loy was more than helpful in obtaining a deed for land I was left in a will by my mother almost 20 years ago. I kept putting this transfer off because I thought it was going to be a huge undertaking, costly and a general hassle for me as my mother passed away in Florida, I live in Kentucky and the land is in Colorado. That supposition couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

I chose Mr. Loy based upon a recommendation from a clerk in Costilla County, Colorado, which is quite a distance from Mark’s office in Monte Vista, Co. I also was impressed by his website and the telephone interviews I had with Mark as he was well organized, knowledgeable and honest in every one of our conversations.

Mark treated me fairly and went above and beyond in making certain everything was taken care of in a timely manner. I was impressed at the detail he presented me and the personal care he took in keeping me informed every step of the way. Mark took several one hour drives to talk personally with the clerk in Costilla county, view the property, send me maps of the area and obtain background and future plans for the subdivision. He even emailed photographs of the property itself and views of the mountains to me! All I had counted on was getting the deed transferred to my name; I was very pleasantly surprised!

I hope one day I can shake Mark’s hand in person and thank him face to face. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone who required legal assistance!”

With Gratitude,

Robert L Waitkus


Very pleased – True to his word

“I was very pleased to work with Mark Loy. Besides his friendly and happy demeanor, he took the time to explain what my options were even if that meant not hiring him. He seemed very selfless in that regard, and he was very happy to have the chance to return the remainder of my retainer. Furthermore, Mark was true to his word, and he fulfilled all of his obligations as my attorney ‘to a T’. I would certainly work with him again if necessary. Thanks Mark!”

Recent Client

Attorney Mark Loy I feel is very personable and was well above par in the handling of my case.  Mr. Loy kept me well informed and made me feel as if I were his only client and my case was his top priority.  I would most definitely use Mr. Loy’s legal services again should the circumstances ever arise.  I personally recommend Mr. Loy and his services to any and all whom are seeking legal counsel.”   —  C.D. Cothern

What do actual clients think of The Law Office of Mark Loy, LLC?

“Mark Loy has been very dedicated and helpful throughout my custody case. He is very understanding and caring about the situation you are in and very quick to respond or answer questions. Mark is an amazing attorney in the court room. He is quick on his feet and knows how to counter the other party. He has been extremely helpful to my case and I give him my full recommendation. You will not regret him as your attorney.”